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Owner's Representation and Construction Consulting

Protec is committed to providing top-quality consulting services to help owners successfully complete their projects. We specialize in planning, design, and construction management. We have the necessary expertise to ensure that your project is a success.


Our goal is to help you stay on schedule and on budget, while also ensuring that your project meets all milestones and deliverables from start to finish.

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Scope of Services

As a property owner or developer, the last thing you want is to deal with complications from a project that wasn't properly managed from the onset. With Protec, you won't have to. Our team of experts will provide a thorough assessment of your project and identify any potential risks or issues that could arise. We'll work closely with you and all necessary parties involved to ensure that the project is managed effectively, from initial planning stages to post-completion maintenance. With our consulting expertise, you can rest easy knowing that every detail is being handled with care.


At Protec, we specialize in owner consulting services. Our approach revolves around deeply understanding our clients' needs and aspirations, then offering expert guidance to realize their project objectives. We meticulously review and discuss requirements and expectations with all stakeholders, crafting a comprehensive roadmap that ensures project success and utmost client satisfaction.


Through thorough interviews and evaluations, Protec facilitates the selection of the most skilled project team members, ensuring the delivery of top-notch results. A united project team, sharing common objectives, is pivotal for the smooth and efficient realization of the project's purpose.


Protec comprehensively grasps the project scope to craft a tailored Request for Proposal (RFP). This empowers our clients to engage in an impartial interview process, facilitating collective decision-making that aligns with the project's requirements.


The primary aim of a reserve study is to ensure proper funding and anticipate future expenses for a property. It establishes a schedule for capital improvements and repairs, along with associated costs for each identified component. Protec specializes in forecasting capital improvements and maintenance needs, providing clarity on current and projected conditions across various elements of your property. Conducting a reserve study is crucial for preserving the value of your property over time.


For many of our clients, navigating the approval and permit process is not a daily occurrence. Whether your project necessitates approval from a resource agency, municipality, state, or other regulatory body, we excel in managing and coordinating the approval procedures to ensure the project progresses as planned.


Successfully concluding a project involves more than just finishing construction; it entails addressing outstanding issues, resolving punch lists, ensuring agency compliance, and comprehensive documentation management. Managing the compilation, issuance, tracking, and completion of punch lists and other project conclusion tasks is crucial. This process equips project owners with the essential components needed to assume responsibility for their asset, contributing significantly to the project's long-term perceived success.


Regardless of the project and involved parties, a well-crafted contract is paramount for overall project success. Establishing a comprehensive contract among all contracting parties lays the groundwork for productive relationships and successful project outcomes. Protec collaborates with the owner's legal counsel to negotiate contract terms tailored to the owner's interests and project scope. These terms encompass various aspects such as insurance coverage, contingency requirements, budget and change management processes, billing methods, schedules, and construction timelines.

Protec's expertise ensures client protection by taking a proactive approach to contracts. We identify potential areas of vulnerability, mitigate their impact, and ensure that losses can be covered through insurance or surety proceeds. Our focus is on safeguarding our clients' interests throughout the project lifecycle.

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